Food Service Consultant Program

Our Food Service Consultant, Management Program specializes in daily tasks that involve organizing resources, supporting health and safety compliance, as well as administrative duties.

Brulee Food Service Consulting Program offers:

  • Employee Training.
  • Equipment safety, and procedures training.
  • Employee shift scheduling and duty assignment for optimal profitability.
  • Employee performance monitoring to meet quality standards.
  • Logistics support for ordering ingredients, paper goods, and disposables.
  • Inspection of storage, preparation, and customer areas for cleanliness and safety.
  • Customer complaint resolution.
  • Comprehensive accounting solutions

The food service and hospitality industries are constantly evolving. Rapidly-changing consumer preferences, governmental requirements, and health protocols are reshaping this landscape on an almost daily basis. Brulee Food Services Consultancy Program delivers solutions that are functional, sustainable, and within budget.

Food Service Consultant Program Miami

Our objective is to assist in developing a finished quality Food Service program that reflects your goal.

Brulee Food Service

Brulee Food Service provides consultation services for corporate, cultural and educational institutions.

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals can handle one or all of the functions typically overseen by a Food Service Manager. We understand that controlling costs is essential to running a prosperous operation.

We offer specific, detailed recommendations to optimize your customer’s experience and your organization’s profitability. Brulee Food Services Consultancy Program can help ensure that every team member has clearly-defined tasks so that you can meet your revenue goals.

Brulee has intimate knowledge of industry trends that can help you to make informed decisions. We can work with creative teams and prospective vendors to ensure that your organization is reflective of your mission and values. Schedule an appointment to discuss your goals with a Brulee Food Service Consultant.

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Food Service Consultant

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